Blockchain-Based Crowdfunding Platform

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Scientificcoin token


Project Name:ScientificCoin
Project Website:
Short Description:Blockchain-Based Crowdfunding Platform
Project Country:
Social Channels:
Social Network Aggregator
Long Description:
Token full name: Scientificcoin token
Token ticker: SNcoin
Contract address:
START date for public ICO: 2018-07-20
END date for public ICO: 2019-02-28
Airdrop SUM: 3
Airdrop START date: 2018-08-01
Airdrop END date: 2018-12-01
Required Tools: ,
Airdrop link:
Airdrop instructions: Register on the site and get 3 SNcoin.
Airdrop number of tokens: 3
Airdrop tokens value: 4.5$