Basic Listing

Listing your ICO project on Tokens Marketplace is very easy.

Basic listing only takes 60 seconds and it is FREE! FOREVER!

All you have to do is follow these step-by-step instructions for submitting your ICO/AIRDROP/BOUNTY to Tokens Marketplace:



PART 1 – Vendor application in 9 steps (Level 1):

  1. Click on the My Account button
  2. Register – Submit your email address, password, and tick the box APPLY TO BECOME A VENDOR and Terms and Conditions box
  3. You will be prompted to your Dashboard page
  4. Enter your Project name, website and short description of your ICO project (tagline, 150 characters max)
  5. Select your Country
  6. Enter Contact Address, City/Town, State/County, Postcode/Zip*
  7. Provide URLs of all your Social Channels (it helps us validate your account)
  8. Click on Apply to become VENDOR
  9. Our team will review your submission and add your ICO to Tokens Marketplace in 24 HOURS**


PART 2 – after you are approved as Vendor, submit your Token/Airdrop/Bounty in 60 sec. (Level 1):

  1. Go to your Account page and click on Vendor Dashboard
  2. Go to tab ICO Tokens
  3. Click on Add token button


  4. Enter Token Name
  5. Add Token logo (square, e.g. 250×250)
  6. Enter Token Ticker, Start and End Date of your ICO and contract address (Etherscan contract address)
  7. Select Category from the dropdown list
  8. Click on Save Changes
  9. If you are conducting Airdrop, enter number of tokens you will distribute in Airdrop (If you are not running an Airdrop, skip to Step 24.)
  10. Select Start/End dates of your Airdrop
  11. Select required tools for participating in your Airdrop (e.g. Telegram, Twitter…)
  12. Submit URL for participating in your Airdrop campaign
  13. Submit post where you will define rules for participating in your Airdrop
  14. Enter maximum number of tokens distributed per participant
  15. Insert approximate value of your Airdrop package, expressed in USD
  16. Click on Add Airdrop


  17. If you have a Bounty campaign, enter Bounty ICO name
  18. Enter Bounty type (example – Social media campaign, Article writing, Bitcoin Signature campaign, Translation bounty, Bug bounty)
  19. Enter start date of your bounty
  20. Enter end date of your bounty
  21. Enter how many tokens you will assign for available Bounty (percentage)
  22. Submit post where you will define rules for participating in your Bounty
  23. Submit URL for participating in your Bounty campaign
  24. Click on Add Bounty button


  25. And you’re all set!
  26. Now you can go to and download widget saying that your token is now listed on Tokens Marketplace


If you wish to add more information about your project and token, consider upgrading to our paid ADVANCED LISTING (LEVELS 2-6)

Not only will your ICO stand out from the crowd, but you will also UNLOCK our

SPECIAL FEATURE – Users will be able to buy your tokens directly from our Marketplace with CREDIT CARDS!!!


Check out our Pricing page to see which one of our paid plans/Levels  works best for your ICO campaign!


*Optional steps

**Refers to work days