Tokenised Money Transfer Platform

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Remco Token


Project Name:Remco
Project Website:
Short Description:Tokenised Money Transfer Platform
Project Country:United States (US)
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Long Description:Remco was carved out by the parent company that has processed $700,000,000 in the last 24 months. The company holds money transmitter licenses in three US states and mobile payment licenses issued by Central Bank. The parent company process payments for Western Union and the biggest money transmitters. The off-chain version of the Tokenise money transfer method is in pilot in the states of Illinois, Georgia and Maryland, USA and on a run rate of $20,000,000 by end of 2018. The Remco project is the blockchain version and the reason for this ICO. There is an agreement between the parent company and Remco to be the first client of Remco.
  • Team MemberCatherine Berruer Vice President
  • Team MemberJoel Patenaude COO
  • Team MemberPeter Ojo CEO/CTO
  • AdvisorTidal W. McCoy President, McMark, LLC
  • AdvisorBrent Segal, Ph.D
Token full name: REMCO Token
Token ticker: REMCO
Token standard: ERC20
Token type: Utility Token
Description: REMCO (Remittance Utility Token) is the World's First Distributed Token-Generating Platform for money transfer
Total supply: 2000000000
Circulation supply: 1300000000
Contract address: 0xbbc3a290c7d2755b48681c87f25f9d7f480ad42f
Decimals: 8
MVP (url):
START date for public ICO: 2018-12-01
END date for public ICO: 2019-03-31
ICO soft cap (USD): 6000000
ICO hard cap (USD): 60000000
Whitelisting: YES
Restricted Areas: Iran, North Korea
Private sale start:
Private sale end:
ICO presale start:
ICO presale end:
Token Distribution (%)Token Distribution Description
65Distributed in ICO