SportsCastr’s FanChain Cryptocurrency Is Coming to Real-World Events

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Fanz Token


Project Name:FanChain
Project Website:
Short Description:SportsCastr’s FanChain Cryptocurrency Is Coming to Real-World Events
Project Country:
Social Channels:
Social Network Aggregator
Vendors Social Feed is an Exclusive Advanced Level Feature.
Long Description:
Token full name: Fanz Token
Token ticker: FANZ
Contract address: 0xA22160BEA244F00BEF5a0b1Ca85977b005716Fec
START date for public ICO:
END date for public ICO:
Airdrop SUM: 600000000
Airdrop START date: 2018-10-17
Airdrop END date: 2018-11-15
Required Tools: Telegram, Twitter Facebook E-mail
Airdrop link:
Airdrop instructions:
  1. Open the FanChain Airdrop Form
  2. Register on their website

1. Create a video on the SportsCastr app and submit this claim form (h). (+40 FANZ)
2. Join Telegram Community. (+8 FANZ)
3. Follow FanChain Twitter and SportsCastr and retweet a Fanchain Tweet. (+16 FANZ)
4. Like FanChain Facebook and SportsCastr page and share one FanChain Post. (+16 FANZ)

Airdrop number of tokens: 100
Airdrop tokens value: 25$