Global Blockchain Network For Sensitive File Management

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Very Token


Project Name:VeryFile
Project Website:
Short Description:Global Blockchain Network For Sensitive File Management
Project Country:
Social Channels:
Social Network Aggregator
Vendors Social Feed is an Exclusive Advanced Level Feature.
Long Description:
Token full name: Very Token
Token ticker: VER
Contract address:
START date for public ICO:
END date for public ICO:
Airdrop SUM: 1327500
Airdrop START date: 2018-10-15
Airdrop END date: 2018-11-16
Required Tools: Telegram, Twitter Facebook E-mail
Airdrop link:
Airdrop instructions:
  1. Open Airdrop Form
  2. Join Telegram Community
  3. Follow Twitter
  4. Like Facebook page
  5. Submit details
Airdrop number of tokens: 53
Airdrop tokens value: 10.6$
Bounty name: VeryFile Bounty
Bounty type: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIN, Translation, Vlogging
Bounty START date: 2018-10-15
Bounty END date:
Bounty percentage: 3
Bounty description:
In order to participate in the VeryFile Bounty Campaign, you MUST join our Telegram group:
Any bounty questions about stakes should be asked here
To report cheaters or other questions, please PM one of the Bounty managers: Tasos or Spyros



*Attention Please | General Rules*

1) Use only ETH wallet address upon submitting the forms.
2) No allowance for wallet amendment. Be careful NOT to lose your private key, submit different wallet or get hacked.
3) Submit your report each Sunday.
4) Make an inquiry in the bounty chat only after weekly update.
5) Negative trust users are not eligible to participate.
6) Spreadsheet status

Bounty url: