Synergy of Different Business on One Single Platform

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I Point Token


Project Name:CryptoON
Project Website:
Short Description:Synergy of Different Business on One Single Platform
Project Country:Cyprus
Social Channels:
Social Network Aggregator
Vendors Social Feed is an Exclusive Advanced Level Feature.
Long Description:
Token full name: I Point Token
Token ticker: IPT
Contract address:
START date for public ICO: 2018-10-31
END date for public ICO: 2019-01-21
Bounty name: Crypt-ON Bounty
Bounty type: Telegram | Facebook | Twitter | Reddit | Medium | Instagram
Bounty START date: 2018-09-24
Bounty END date: 2019-12-21
Bounty percentage: 3
Bounty description:


  • A participant must be at least 18 years old.
  • One user can participate only with one account.  Duplicate accounts (except the initial one) will be permanently banned from the campaign.
  • Accounts must be original. Fake, dead, inactive and bot accounts will not be accepted.
  • As a reward for the Bounty activities, you receive IPT tokens. The tokens are allocated to your wallet within 3 weeks after the end of the TGE.
  • The list of participants is being updated and analyzed once per week.
  • If you didn’t follow our terms and were declined from the campaign once, we won’t accept your application again.
  • To participate in the campaign, subscribe to the project channel in Telegram.
  • Terms and Condition can be changed or more can be applied.
  • Please use this thread for bounty related questions
Bounty url: