How to participate in bounty campaigns?

To participate in bounty campaigns is easy!

As soon as users associate with a program, they start receiving links. After that, participant usually need to repost them on their social media accounts. Further success depends on the number of likes, shares and other social reactions.

Also, it depends on participant’s writing or debugging skills, i.e. how well they might execute the task assigned. ICO’s usually explain in great detail specific rules for their bounty campaigns.


Bounty sample

ICO bounty campaigns are a great way to participate in the market and earn tokens.

These tokens are even exchangeable for fiat money. Most of the activities aren’t really technical in nature as they rely on common internet activities and interactions. Participants can simply look up reliable and famous bounties on the internet.

There are sites that will list a dedicated list of ICO bounty programs. One of the best ways to get involved in bounty programs is via Bitcointalk and Cryptocointalk forums. These websites list almost all ICO bounties. On Tokens Marketplace, users can also find bounty programs, segment available bounties and find those that are best for them.

Users can simply check the eligibility criteria and what activities they can perform during that particular bounty. They can enrol themselves in a pre-ICO or a post-ICO bounty campaigns with added ease & earn rewards with every share, every like or every article they like.

“Bounty hunters” is the name for participants in bounty campaigns.

As a bounty hunter, participant tell others about an active bounty campaign.