Simon Cocking

Chief editor Irish Tech News | Cryptocoin.News, Business advisor

PROJECTS: BitIndia (BITINDIA), JOLYY (JOY), Elpis (ELP), EXMO Coin (EXO), Krosscoin (KSS)…

ICO Count: 31

Jason Hung

Serial Entrepreneur | Inventor | ICO advisor | Marketing Service | Co-Founder of TimeBox, CoinArt

PROJECTS: JOLYY (JOY), RxEAL (RXL), IQeon (IQN),Water to the World (W2TW), Krosscoin (KSS)…

ICO Count: 25

Ian Scarffe

Blockchain ICO Consultant / Advisor. Founder at Crypto Consulting and Investments LTD.

PROJECTS: Elpis (ELP), Buzzshow (GLDY), PokerSports (XPST), CanYa (CANYA), TraDove (BBcoin)…

ICO Count: 24

Nikolay Shkilev

Entrepreneur | CEO | ICO Advisor | Crypto enthusiast | Blockchain expert | Public speaker | Mentor

PROJECTS: Bidium (BIDM), Enlte (ENLTE), GIFCoin (GIF), Root Blockchain (RBC), Cryptopus (CPP)…

ICO Count: 23

Vladimir Nikitin


PROJECTS: Skychain (SCH), PokerSports (XPST),Bidium (BIDM), Enlte (ENLTE), DocTailor (DOCT)…

ICO Count: 23

Nathan Christian

Blockchain Technology Consultant | End to End ICO Solutions |ICO Advisor

PROJECTS: Enlte (ENLTE), Moonlite (MNL), TraDove (BBcoin), GAMBLICA (GMBC), (OIO)…

ICO Count: 21

Reuben Godfrey

Advisory, Blockchain Association of Ireland, Newpark

PROJECTS: Digital Developers Fund (DDF),MARK.SPACE (MRK), BitIndia (BITINDIA),Ab-chain (ABC), StopTheFakes (STF)

ICO Count: 18

David Drake

Chairman at LDJ Cayman Fund Ltd., The George Washington University – School of Business

PROJECTS: SETCOIN (SET), Vimarket (VIT), Shopin (BN), Enkidu (ENK), Play2Live (LUC)…

ICO Count: 18

Amarpreet Singh

Blockchain & ICO Advisor | Fintech | Innovation | Machine Learning | AI

PROJECTS: PokerSports (XPST), Enlte (ENLTE), Budbo (BUBO), Medichain (MCU), Root Blockchain (RBC)…

ICO Count: 17

Richard Kastelein

ICO Adviser, Publisher, Writer, Entrepreneur, Blockchain Educator

PROJECTS: Cashaa (CAS), Moms Avenue (MOM),Play2Live (LUC), Chimaera (CHI), iOlite (ILT)…

ICO Count: 14

Bogdan Fiedur

ICO Advisor | ICOBench Expert | Smart Contract Developer| Full Stack Developer

PROJECTS: Requitix (RQX), SocialX (SOCX), Skraps (SKRP), (SCASH), L-Pesa (LPK)…

ICO Count: 14

Michael Terpin

Bitcoin investor/mentor/speaker. Co-founder, BItAngels, Bitcoin Syndicate.

PROJECTS: Corion Platform (COR), NAGA Coin (NGC),Flixxo (FLIXX), Hive Project (HVN), Gladius (GLA)…

ICO Count: 13

Keith Teare

Executive Chair at Accelerated Digital Ventures; entrepreneur; investor; writer

PROJECTS: Ponder (GOLD), Medichain (MCU), PATRON (PAT), (SMT),Crypterium (CRPT)…

ICO Count: 12

Tyler Sanford

ICO Advisor | Bounty Campaigns | Marketing | Telegram Manager | ICO Solutions| Branding & Web Development

PROJECTS: PokerSports (XPST), ImmVRse (IMV),GIFCoin (GIF), IP.Gold (IPG), HydroCoin (HYC)…

ICO Count: 12

Ismail Malik

Blockchain R&D + ICO Strategist

PROJECTS: ICON (ICX), Blok (BLK), NOBAR (NBR),LAToken (LA), Iconiq Lab (ICNQ)…

ICO Count: 12

Phillip Nunn

Entrepreneur | CEO | ICO Advisor | Cryptocurrency Evangelist | International Speaker | Blockchain

PROJECTS: Blocksquare (BST), BitCQR (BCQR), CookUp (CHEF), Sentigraph (EMOT), FlipNpik (FNP)…

ICO Count: 11

Rumen Slavchov

Entrepreneur, ICO, Blockchain, Ethereum, Consultant, Advisor, PR, Distributed Ledger

PROJECTS: PokerSports (XPST), Invest in Brokers (INV), Pluscoin (PLC), GIFCoin (GIF), amon (AMN)…

ICO Count: 11

Mofassair Hossain

CEO and Founder Perhalic, ICO Advisor, Investor, PR and Marketing Expert

PROJECTS: Skychain (SCH), PokerSports (XPST),Paymon (PMNT), GIFCoin (GIF), Deex (DEEX)…

ICO Count: 10

Wulf Kaal

Speaker, Entrepreneur, Technologist, Professor

PROJECTS: Ties.Network (TIE), Moms Avenue (MOM),TokenStars TEAM (TEAM), Follex (SET),Tokia (TKA)…

ICO Count: 10

Jon Matonis

Monetary Economist, Bitcoin Foundation, The George Washington University

PROJECTS: True Flip (TFL), Medichain (MCU),Cryptopay (CPAY), Globitex (GBX), WePower (WPR)…

ICO Count: 10

Marc Kenigsberg

Founder at CoinJanitor, BlockSmarter and creator of BitcoinChaser

PROJECTS: CashBag (CBC), NAU (NAU), Bankera (BNK),Cryptopay (CPAY), Opporty (OPP)…

ICO Count: 10

Moe Levin

Visionary Entrepreneur, Founder, Connector, Strategist.

PROJECTS: Proof Suite (PRFT), Experty (EXY),DreamTeam (DTT), etherparty (FUEL),Blackmoon (BMC)…

ICO Count: 10

Sydney Ifergan

CMO | Crypto & ICO Community Expert | FX Consultant | Digital Marketing Specialist | ICO Advisor

PROJECTS: XinFin (XDCE), FundFantasy (FUNDZ),Kakushin (KKN), (TIO), DIW Token (DIW)…

ICO Count: 10

Theodosis Mourouzis


PROJECTS: Pocketinns (PINNS), bitJob (STU), Nauticus (NTS), Crypto20 (C20), BONUM (BFT)…

ICO Count: 9

Igor Karavaev

ICO Advisor. Ex-Director of Skolkovo Foundation. icobench expert

PROJECTS: Nafen (NFN), ZeroState (ZSC), Sharpay (SHRP), miBoodle (MIBO), Cryptocean (CRON)…

ICO Count: 9

Sebastian Stupurac

WINGS Stiftung, The Academic College of Tel-Aviv, Yaffo

PROJECTS: Wings (WINGS), iOlite (ILT), KickCity (KCY),AdEx (ADX), INS Ecosystem (INS)…

ICO Count: 9

Warren Whitlock

Blockchain Influencer advising ICO’s

PROJECTS: Bazista (BZS), Cryptobnb (Ckey), PodOne (QBE), (SCASH), VIOLA.AI (VIOLA)…

ICO Count: 9

Yagub Rahimov

Co-founder/CEO @ 7MARKETZ Inc. Group | Blockchain ICO Consultant / Advisor | Public Speaker | Author


ICO Count: 9

Boris Otonicar

Blockchain Specialist BVS; ICO Advisor; Switzerland

PROJECTS: Districts (3DC), PokerSports (XPST),Moneto (MTO), REPU ICO (REPU),Coinlancer (CL)…

ICO Count: 9

Eddy Travia

Pioneer investor in Blockchain, Co-founder & CEO of London-quoted Coinsilium (NEX:COIN), venture builder & accelerator

PROJECTS: Dether (DTH), ICON (ICX), Indorse (IND),Gimli (GIM), DomRaider (DRT)…

ICO Count: 8

Dean Karakitsos

Entrepreneur – Digital Visionary – Futurist | From Voice over IP to Money over IP (MoIP) | Blockchain | Cryptoinvesting | OTC

PROJECTS: Transcodium (TNS), Dogezer (DGZ), Blok (BLK), Baikalika (BKL), Sentigraph (EMOT)…

ICO Count: 8

Giovanni Lesna Maranetto

Chief Commercial Officer at Hedge/ , Advisor / Blockchain Strategist

PROJECTS: Lucyd (LCD), Aworker (WORK), Adbank (ADB), EXMO Coin (EXO), Enkidu (ENK)…

ICO Count: 8

Naviin Kapoor

Digitization | Blockchain and ICO Consultant | Project Management | ICO and Blockchain Advisor | Business Analysis | Business Transformation

PROJECTS: Kakushin (KKN), Golden Currency (PGCT),GrabAMeal (GAM), Shipit (SHPT), BitBose (BOSE)…

ICO Count: 8

Peter Merc

Lemur Legal Cofounder | Blockchain Think Tank Coordinator | Digital Lawyer | Fintech Enthusiast

PROJECTS: Popultrade (PCP), Tradershub (THT),CargoX (CXO), TrustedHealth (TDH),MoneyRebel (MRP)…

ICO Count: 8

Alex Linenko

IDACB Advisory Board Member | ICO advisor

PROJECTS: Aworker (WORK), Medichain (MCU),Pluscoin (PLC), ICOS (ICOS), BitRewards (BIT)…

ICO Count: 7

Douglas Lyons

Investor and Community relations Advisor to Blockchain Projects.

PROJECTS: Skychain (SCH), Datarius Cryptobank (DTRC), Vestarin (VST), Cryptopus (CPP),eInc (ETI)…

ICO Count: 7

Jared Polite

PR and Marketing Specialist | ICO Advisor | Writer at CryptoCoinsNews


ICO Count: 7

Sally Eaves

Emergent Technology CTO | Global Strategy Advisor – FinTech Blockchain AI | Intrapreneur | Speaker and Author | Research

PROJECTS: Bazista (BZS), Effect.AI (EFX), Rubycon (RBC), Nuggets (NUG), AssetChain (ACU)…

ICO Count: 7

Stas Oskin

Core Dev and Biz Dev at WINGS

PROJECTS: Wings (WINGS), iOlite (ILT), AdEx (ADX),Cryptics (QRP), Firmo (FRM)…

ICO Count: 7

Victor Chow

Serial Entrepreneur | FinTech ICO Cryptocurrency Blockchains | Investor | Business Advisor | Private Equity | Startup Fundraising

PROJECTS: Akaiito (AIC), Paymon (PMNT), Pikciochain (PKC), Forty Seven (FSBT), World Bit Bank (WBB)…

ICO Count: 7

Alex Norta

ICO Advisor, Owner at Norta & Partners, Eindhoven University of Technology

PROJECTS: Cashaa (CAS), Cedex (CEDEX), Micromoney (AMM), Evareium (EVM), Datawallet (DXT)…

ICO Count: 6

Andras Kristof

CTO at Yojee, Blockchain and smart contract specialist. Lecturer, Yojee Maharishi University of Management

PROJECTS: Digital Developers Fund (DDF), CloudMoolah (XMOO), HelloGold (HGT), IRIS (IRIS), PIX Coin (PIXC)…

ICO Count: 6

Jeremy Epstein

CEO of Never Stop Marketing, The Johns Hopkins University

PROJECTS: DomRaider (DRT), Gladius (GLA), LAToken (LA), KickCity (KCY), Bryllite (BRC)…

ICO Count: 6

Julian Zegelman

Corporate Lawyer. Founding partner and corporate attorney at Velton Zegelman PC. University of Minnesota Law School

PROJECTS: Paragon Coin (PRG), Privatix (PRIX),Scorum (SCR), Native Video Box (NVB),Cindicator (CND)…

ICO Count: 6

Shebin John

Shebin John is an Indian born Computer Science Engineer, Entrepreneur, Advisor, Consultant, Programmer, etc.

PROJECTS: Love Token (LOVE), GAMBLICA (GMBC),Entry (ENTRY), Midex (MDX), Nagricoin (NGR)…

ICO Count: 6

Tomoaki Sato

Founder at Starbase, Kaisei High& Middle High School

PROJECTS: SynchroLife (SYC), TokenStars TEAM (TEAM), Energy Premier (EPC), Starbase (STAR), Micromoney (AMM)…

ICO Count: 6

Aly Madhavji

Co-Founder of Global DCX, Angel Investor, Blockchain Entrepreneur.

PROJECTS: RxEAL (RXL), Hurify (HUR), Discovery (DIS),Open Source University (EDU), Loyakk (LYK)…

ICO Count: 6

Dominik Zynis

Advisor, Middlebury College

PROJECTS: Wings (WINGS), Flixxo (FLIXX), Aktie Social (AKT), DomRaider (DRT), Medicalchain (MTN)…

ICO Count: 6

Eyal Hertzog

Product Architect at Bancor, Bancor Foundation

PROJECTS: AdHive (ADH), WePower (WPR), Debitum Network (DEB), KICKICO (KICK), INS Ecosystem (INS)…

ICO Count: 6

Greg Limon

ICO Launch Service | ICO advisor | Blockchain / ICO Investor

PROJECTS: TraDove (BBcoin), Play2Live (LUC),Lordmancer II (LC), Uservice (UST),DateCoin (DTC)…

ICO Count: 6

Jeff Pulver

Internet Pioneer, VoIP; Entrepreneur, Investor, Strategist, Photographer, Speaker

PROJECTS: Shopin (BN), SIRIN LABS (SRN), Ubanx (BANX), DOX.Network (DOX), OUNA (OUNA)…

ICO Count: 6

Mike Costache

Blockchain Investor & Advisor, Pepperdine School of Law

PROJECTS: Corion Platform (COR), BLOCKv (VEE), COSS (COSS), Propy (PRO), Hdac (DAC)…

ICO Count: 6

Nizam Ismail

Co-Founder at RHT Compliance Solutions and Partner and Head, Financial Services at RHTLaw Taylor Wessing

PROJECTS: VeriME (VME), AssetChain (ACU),Electrify.Asia (ELEC), BAZ Protocol (EKK),Health FX (HFX)…

ICO Count: 6

Chris Miess

Former Interim CFO of TenX, Founder of ICONIC, ICO advisor and investor

PROJECTS: Quantstamp (QSP), AidCoin (AID), AppCoins (APPC), RootProject (ROOTS), Datum (DAT)…

ICO Count: 6

David Wachsman

CEO at Wachsman, Binghamton University

PROJECTS: Investfeed (FEED), Ambrosus (AMB),BANKEX (BKX), INS Ecosystem (INS), qiibee (QBX)…

ICO Count: 6

Desmond Marshall

MD APAC The Floor, VC, Advisor

PROJECTS: Elpis (ELP), EXMO Coin (EXO), Opporty (OPP), Evareium (EVM), SuchApp (SPS)…

ICO Count: 6

Gabriel Zanko

Fin-Tech Entrepreneur | Advisor | Investor | Public Accountant | International Business Development | Partnerships

PROJECTS: Medichain (MCU), (SMT), Native Video Box (NVB), Hicky (HKY),Bidipass (BPD)…

ICO Count: 6

Jason Coles

Community Director at Nauticus Blockchain, Carleton University

PROJECTS: Krios (KRI), TradePlayz (TPZ), GN Compass (GNCT), MEvU (MVU), Zealeum (ZEAL)…

ICO Count: 6

Jillian Godsil

PRO Mingo, ICO Advisor, Crypto Journalist, Blockchain Speaker, Broadcaster DublingCityFM, Writer, and Dreamer

PROJECTS: Tokpie (TKP), UHIVE (HVE), CyClean (CCL),Clash & GO (CGO), Selfie GO (SGO)…

ICO Count: 6

Joakim Holmer

PROJECTS: Cappasity (CAPP), Realista (RET), Asura Coin (ASA), FarmaTrust (FTT), Dataeum (XDT)…

ICO Count: 6

Joseph Borg

Partner (Head of Blockchain and Gaming & Gambling Advisory) at WH Partners

PROJECTS: Thrive (THRT), Esports (ERT), Kijash (KJH),Uservice (UST), Safein (SFN)…

ICO Count: 6

Juan Otero

Investor | Blockchain & ICO Advisor | Consultant

PROJECTS: Cryptobnb (Ckey), REPU ICO (REPU),Realista (RET), CryptoPolice (OFCR), UNIC Advertising Network (UNIC)…

ICO Count: 6

Justin Jovanovic

Chief Operations Officer at investFeed, The George Washington University

PROJECTS: Investfeed (FEED), NaPoleon X (NPX),Paycent (PYN), Mirocana (MIRO), Dataeum (XDT)…

ICO Count: 6

Richard Wang

PROJECTS: Banca (BANCA), ALAX (ALX), Alphacat (ACAT), Red Pulse (RPX), UChain (UCN)…

ICO Count: 5

Tomislav Mucic

Founder & CEO, Netis Group, blockchain technologies

PROJECTS: Suncontract (SNC), Viberate (VIB),InsurePal (IPL), Eligma (ELI), SportyCo (SPF)…

ICO Count: 5

Alex Mashinsky

Founder of Celsius Network | Venture Investor | Serial Entrepreneur | Tech Innovator

PROJECTS: Celsius (CEL), Invox Finance (INVOX),UUNIO (UUNIO), Micromoney (AMM), SIRIN LABS (SRN)…

ICO Count: 5

David Orban

Seed stage startup and blockchain investor

PROJECTS: Neuromation (NTK), Bitnation (PAT),Fortknoxster (FKX), The Sun Exchange (SUNEX), ETHEAL (HEAL)…

ICO Count: 5

Elie Galam

Chief Investment Officer at Eastmore, Harvard University

PROJECTS: FintruX (FTX), Kijash (KJH), Fusion (FSN),UpToken (UP), PLACTAL (PLT)…

ICO Count: 5

Jason Butcher

BlockChain Hub, School of Entrepreneurship

PROJECTS: VectorZilla (VZT), XinFin (XDCE), iShook (SHK), TV-TWO (TTV), USAT (USAT)…

ICO Count: 5

Krystelle Galano

ICO Advisor | Crypto Enthusiast – Blockchain – Social Media Marketing Strategist

PROJECTS: DocTailor (DOCT), Cubaaz (CC), (SCASH), Coinlancer (CL), BitBose (BOSE)…

ICO Count: 5

Leo Wang

Founding Partner of PreAngel Fund

PROJECTS: QuarkChain (QKC), Qlink (QLC), BitGuild (PLAT), Alphacat (ACAT), Age of Dragons (NGT)…

ICO Count: 5

Melissa Blau

Director, iGaming Capital

PROJECTS: Esports (ERT), FundFantasy (FUNDZ),Winstars (WINS), Kijash (KJH), Game Protocol (GPT)…

ICO Count: 5

Roger Ver

Bitcoin Evangelist and Angel Investor

PROJECTS: NAGA Coin (NGC), XinFin (XDCE), aXpire (AXP), Bitxoxo (XOXO), MoneyToken (IMT)…

ICO Count: 5

Serguei Popov

Professor of mathematics at the University of Campinas

PROJECTS: Wings (WINGS), AdHive (ADH), STeX (STE),MiniApps (MAT), KIRIK (KRK)…

ICO Count: 5

Tony Simonovsky

Marketing data scientist, ICO focused growth hacker, blockchain enthusiast, digital nomad

PROJECTS: EventChain (EVC), Velix.ID (VXD), The Abyss (ABYSS), TravelChain (TT), Verifier (VRF)…

ICO Count: 5

Anders Larsson

ICO Advisor. Investor in Crypto and Blockchain. Founder, CTO.

PROJECTS: Cappasity (CAPP), Realista (RET),FarmaTrust (FTT), Dataeum (XDT), Elysian (ELY)…

ICO Count: 5

Arturas Svirskis

ICO Advisor | Helping Fintech companies with marketing and business development

PROJECTS: Entry (ENTRY), Coinhealth (CH), Welltrado (WTL), Coinlancer (CL), USAT (USAT)…

ICO Count: 5

Bo Shen

FenBuShi Capital, Founding Partner

PROJECTS: Sentinel Chain (SENC), PolicyPal Network (PAL), GIFTO (GIFTO), HelloGold (HGT), Age of Dragons (NGT)…

ICO Count: 5

Eric Gu

Founder of Metaverse Foundation at Metaverse, Shanghai University

PROJECTS: Wings (WINGS), Starbase (STAR), ZenGold (ZGC), ParcelX (GPX), Lexit (LXT)…

ICO Count: 5

Jaron Lukasiewicz

Blockchain Entrepreneur since 2012

PROJECTS: SONM (SNM), Akash Network (AKASH),Akash Network (AKASH), Lexit (LXT), Agora (VOTE)…

ICO Count: 4

Jonathan Galea

Blockchain & crypto lawyer/programmer

PROJECTS: Suncontract (SNC), Fund Platform (FUND),Chimaera (CHI), ShareRing (SHR),BetOnChart (CHART)…

ICO Count: 5

Jun Hao

Consulted over 15 Cryptocurrency Projects | Community Builder | Founder –

PROJECTS: CGCX (CGX), Clears (CLRS), STRYKZ (STRY),BAZ Protocol (EKK), Zichain (ZCN)…

ICO Count: 5

Ken Tachibana

Private placement OTC wholesale trade, Stanford University London, United Kingdom

PROJECTS: TradePlayz (TPZ), SuchApp (SPS), Tag World Exchange (TWEX), Lendo (ELT),DateCoin (DTC)…

ICO Count: 5

Kenneth Oh

Senior Partner at Dentons Rodyk

PROJECTS: Aditus (ADITUS), Tokenomy (TEN), GCOX (ACM), Rate3 (RTE), Fanfare (FAN)…

ICO Count: 5

Mike Raitsyn

ICObox Founder, blockchain enthusiast, business angel

PROJECTS: Medichain (MCU), Native Video Box (NVB),Crypterium (CRPT), Storiqa (STQ), NTOK (NTOK)…

ICO Count: 5

P.B. Stanton Esq.

ICO Advisor | Securities & Banking law | Former US Marine JAG Officer

PROJECTS: Tag World Exchange (TWEX), MEvU (MVU),Zealeum (ZEAL), DataBlockChain (DBCCoin), UNIC Advertising Network (UNIC)…

ICO Count: 5

Roger Crook

Business Angel, Entrepreneur, Board & ICO Advisor, Mentor, International CEO

PROJECTS: UnitedFans (GOAL), Crypterium (CRPT),VINchain (VIN), Sentigraph (EMOT), Shipit (SHPT)…

ICO Count: 5

Stan Milc

Entrepreneur | | In stock equipments for crypto mining | IPO & ICO |FinTech & HighTech | Blockchain

PROJECTS: TraDove (BBcoin), Play2Live (LUC),Lordmancer II (LC), Uservice (UST),DateCoin (DTC)…

ICO Count: 5

Yobie Benjamin

Chief Technology Officer, University of the Philippines

PROJECTS: Dragon Coin (DRG), LoyalCoin (LYL), TraXion (TXN), MyDFS (DFS), Dbrain (DBR)…

ICO Count: 5

Luis Cuende

Cofounder at Aragon

PROJECTS: Gems (GEM), district0x (DNT), Aragon Network (ANT), Decentraland (MANA)

ICO Count: 4

Andrew Rippon

Independent Blockchain Advisor | Co-Founder Fiduxa | Board Advisor at | Advisor EVEN | Advisor SKYFChain

PROJECTS: Goal Bonanza (GOAL), BoatPilot (NAVY),ZNAQ (ZNAQ), Ubex (UBEX)

ICO Count: 4

Filip Poutintsev

ICO Advisor | Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Expert | Entrepreneur | Online Business Specialist

PROJECTS: Akaiito (AIC), SMARTRealty (RLTY), Uchit (UCHT), PlanEx (XPX)

ICO Count: 4

Gustavo Guimaraes

Blockchain and Smart Contracts Engineer, Samsara Protocol, Lawrence University

PROJECTS: Odem (ODEM), NnBU (NNBU), Starbase (STAR), LiveTree Adept (SEED)

ICO Count: 4

Ilya Orlov

CEO at TravelChain | Visionary | Blockchain enthusiast and investor

PROJECTS: TravelChain (TT), Ewaiter (WTR), EVO (ETALON), Gastery (WTR)

ICO Count: 4

Jake Brukhman

Blockchain technology research and investments

PROJECTS: PROPS (PROPS), Decentraland (MANA),Etherisc (DIP), Sweetbridge (SWC)

ICO Count: 4

Mikko Ohtamaa

CTO and advisor, various blockchain startups, University of Oulu

PROJECTS: Dent (DENT), Vega (VEGA), Globitex (GBX),The Abyss (ABYSS)

ICO Count: 4

Anatoly Ressin

CEO at Blockvis, Transporta un Sakaru Instituts

PROJECTS: Birdchain (BIRD), carVertical (CV), NOIA Network (NOIA), FIC Network (eFIC)

ICO Count: 4

Andrey Zolin

Blockchain Developer

PROJECTS: AIREXE (AIRX), StopTheFakes (STF), PlanEx (XPX), Streamity (STM)

ICO Count: 4

Cristina Dolan

Co-Founder & COO iXledger | Blockchain | MIT Media Lab

PROJECTS: InsureX (IXT), Gimli (GIM), Lamden (TAU),Augmate (MATE)

ICO Count: 4

Dima Zaitsev

Head of International PR & Business Analytics Department Chief at ICOBox, PhD

PROJECTS: (SMT), Native Video Box (NVB), ICOS (ICOS), Bubbletone (UMT)

ICO Count: 4